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Mail-enabled Public Folder doesn’t receive internal Mails

If you mail-enable a public folder, it happens sometimes, that the folder still isn’t able to receive any mails. If just external mails aren’t received, you may review this thread. If internal mails are also affected the following instructions should do the trick.

If you track those mails on your exchange server, you may receive the following line:

RecipientStatus: {[{LRT=};{LED=550 5.7.1 RESOLVER.RST.NotAuthorized; not authorized [Stage: CreateMessage]};{FQDN=};{IP=}]}

This line says, that the sender was recognized by the exchange infrastructure. And this user has no right to “create items”, because that’s the thing that is basically happening if you send a mail to a public folder. To fix this, we allow all users to “create items” who do not own an explicit right set:

Add-PublicFolderClientPermission -identity "\Folder\Subfolder” –User Default -AccessRights CreateItems

Of course you are able to allow just single users by replacing “Default” with the regarding user. “Default” stands for all those users who were not set up previously.

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