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Mail-enabled Public Folder doesn’t receive external Mails

Since SP1 for Exchange 2013 it could be possible, that just mail-enabling a Public Folder isn’t enough to make this Folder receiving external Mails. This is caused by a missing permission for external Senders (which appear as “Anonymous”) to “create” items in this specific folder.

If you track an external message, you may receive the following error:

RecipientStatus: {[{LRT=};{LED=550 5.7.1 RESOLVER.RST.AuthRequired; authentication required [Stage: CreateMessage]};{FQDN=};{IP=}]}

To resolve this issue, you have to drop the following command within the Exchange Management Shell:

Add-PublicFolderClientPermission –identity “\Folder\Subfolder” –User Anonymous –AccessRights CreateItems

This should resolve your problem.

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